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Our armed private security guards are trained for operating weapons, security alarms, video cameras, body scanners, fire equipment, and even providing CPR in an emergency.

Our unarmed guards improve security in low-risk situations and appear less intimidating to your customers and visitors. Unarmed guards resolve conflicts using a variety of tactics.

Vehicle patrol services enhance safety and security while reducing the risk of vandalism and theft on your property. Our uniformed security guards patrol in marked security cars.

Our parking control officers are experts in enforcing parking rules, and safeguarding your private property rights while elevating the parking experience for all motorists.

Uniformed and highly visible traffic control officers maintain safety and an efficient flow of traffic. Officers are equipped with the tools necessary to safely perform their duties.

Our fire watch service safeguards your property. During times when fire alarm systems and fire protection systems are inoperable, the law requires a fire watch security guard.

Locations We Serve

Aventus Private Security offers armed guards and unarmed guards and security services throughout Los Angeles County. We provide bodyguard protection, executive protection and vehicle patrol security in the LA downtown area, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley and South Central Los Angeles areas.

Private security services covering the beach cities of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach to inland cities of Anaheim, Orange and Irvine. Offering unarmed guards, armed guards, vehicle patrol service as well as bodyguard protection and executive protection throughout the Orange County region.

From Chino to Redlands, Aventus provides private armed security guards, unarmed guards, vehicle patrols and traffic officers throughout San Bernardino County in addition to executive protection and bodyguard protection services.

Aventus is a leading security company in San Francisco, offering a range of protection services including unarmed security guards and armed security guards. Additionally, vehicle patrol security is offered throughout San Francisco as well as bodyguard services and executive protection.

Bay Area, California

Aventus offers private security services throughout the California Bay Area, including Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, Santa Clara County and Contra Costa County.

Industries We Protect

Construction sites
Manufacturing facilities
Commercial buildings
Jewelry and galleries
Data centers
Entry gates
Front lobbies
Convenience stores
Residential communities
Schools, colleges, and universities
Office buildings
Retail stores
Construction sites
Movie theaters
Convenience stores
Parking garages
Business complexes
Construction sites
Shopping centers
Manufacturing and industrial plants
Community facilities
Apartments and condominiums
Cinema halls
Concerts and events
Sports venues

Security Services You Can Trust

We protect our clients with professional security guard services and meet your budget. Our dedicated team provides outstanding service and protection to keep you and your property safe. You can rely on Aventus Security for all your private security needs.