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About Aventus Security

We understand that your organization faces unique security challenges, and that’s why we work with you to understand your security needs before developing a customized security plan. The mere presence of our well-dressed security guards with state-of-the-art security devices will discourage criminals from committing any crime or vandalism on your premises.

Whether you need it for a single-day event, a short-term contract, or a long-term contract, we never compromise on our quality and efficiency when it comes to professional security guard services. Our security guard services will protect your premises from intrusions, vandalism, theft, fire, and other illegal activities.

Customized Security Solutions

Security Guards with Professional Disposition

Our security guard service has a prominent rapport with local law enforcement, and is highly sought after due to its high level of professionalism. Our security guards will patrol your property, monitor security cameras, and respond to alarms in the quickest time. They are trained to operate fire safety and other security devices, and safely evacuate occupants in case of fire or other natural calamities. Our highly-trained male and female security guard and security officers have a robust disposition, and their mere presence will deter criminals from committing anything unlawful while building confidence in your employees and customers.

Our Comprehensive Training Includes

  • Fire safety
  • First Aid
  • Crime deterrence
  • crisis management
  • Traffic management
  • crowd control, and
  • CPR

Our security guards are trained in the latest security protocols and emergency response, and have a duty to protect your assets and lives at all times. Most of our personal security officers (PSOs), security guards, and security officers are former military veterans, and have been state-trained to provide security in a variety of complex and threatening scenarios. When it comes to security guard services, you can rely on the professionalism of Aventus Private Security.