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Armed Security

Given the sheer number of unique risks that organizations face today, even top-of-the-line security alarms are not considered adequate to protect people and assets. Sensitive sites such as banking institutions, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, high-ranking personnel, and VIPs have an increased risk to life and, as such, need a higher level of security. 

Our armed security guard service is unmatched. We have the best-of-breed armed security guards provided by a private security service. Our armed security guards are well-trained for operating weapons, security alarms, video cameras, body scanners, fire equipment, and even providing CPR in an emergency.

Our Armed Security Guards Perform Variety of Duties

  • Keeping constant vigil and surveillance
  • Threat assessments
  • Conducting foot and vehicle patrol
  • crowd and riot control
  • Reporting and logging security threats
  • Communicating with law enforcement when needed

Security Guards Trained in the Use of Equipment and Weapons

Most of our armed security guards are ex-military or law enforcement officers, and have undergone the necessary training to hold license to carry firearms. They have extensive tactical experience and skills to provide the utmost security for any security challenge that you face. The professional look and authoritative disposition of our armed security guards are enough to keep criminals away, and certain situations and vandalism from happening.

Armed Security for a Variety of Needs

  • Banks
  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Jewelry and artwork showrooms
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Data centers

First Responder Training with Varying Degrees of Combat Tutelage

Aventus Private Security’s armed security guards are physically fit and mentally robust. They have been trained in the use of the latest security arms, weapons, and gadgets. They can control any perilous situation confidently and effectively using personal initiatives.

Aventus Private Security maintains a 24-hour dispatch center to fill last-minute call-offs, and handle incident response in real-time, with armed security guards available on call, round-the-clock. Our trained armed security guards have varying degrees of combat tutelage with first responder training to save lives and assets at risk.

Areas We Serve

We serve all areas across California. Our far-reaching private security services are available in locations including: