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Vehicle Security Patrol

Aventus Private Security offers vehicle security patrol services that are a powerful deterrent to property damage or crime. Vehicle patrol services enhance safety and security as well as reduce the risk of vandalism and theft on your property. Aventus Private Security provides highly trained, uniformed security guards in marked security cars who patrol sites looking out for issues, and submit digital and advanced reports of your property daily. 

Vehicle Patrol Security

Vehicle Security Patrol Performs a Variety of Duties

Our fleet of security patrol vehicles comes equipped with clear, highly visible signage, light bar, GPS tracking, high-beam lighting, a state-of-the-art key tracking system, electronic report writing, and two-way radio and cellular phone.

Benefits of Vehicle Security Patrol

Our patrol services will dramatically reduce any break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes against your property, staff, residents, and visitors. We are committed to closing the gap between law enforcement agencies and security services, by providing targeted patrols in your community.

Areas We Serve

We serve all areas across California. Our far-reaching private security services are available in locations including: